Transport of acid water at high temperatures

Transport of acid water at high temperatures

Project Details:

Project Highlights: Transportation of dredged crystallize salt sediment (at 30% concentration)
Customer:Dead Sea Works, ICL group
Location:Dead Sea, Israel
Working Conditions:Extremely high corrosive, high abrasive material, high ambient temperature (low 6oC, high 46oC), constant direct sun exposure
Pipes Used:PEXGOL 400mm OD Class 10, 450mm OD Class 10 500mm OD Class 8
Application:Dredged material transportation
Length:More than 5,000 meters

The Challenge:

Constant crystallization of salt on the bottom of the evaporation ponds of the Dead Sea Works caused a rise in the water level, threatening harvesting of minerals from the Dead Sea as well as nearby hotel resorts. The dredging operators faced serious problems since the existing pipeline had to be replaced every three months, due to wear- related failures. 

Pipe materials tried prior to PEXGOL:
Rubber pipes: Damaged by weather conditions, suffered from abrasion and expensive maintenance & replacement.
Steel pipes: suffered from both internal and external corrosion; pipeline not flexible, salt accumulation on the pipe.
HDPE pipes: Typified by short lifetime due to low resistance to high temperatures and abrasion.

PEXGOL Solution:
Based on two decades (at the time) of exposure to harsh conditions of thousands of meters of PEXGOL pipes, with their unmatched abrasion resistance - it was clear that PEXGOL pipes were the best solution. The pipes have maintained their internal smooth surface and there have benn no failures since 1992.

Economic Benefit:
The original mean time between failures (MTBF) was three months. Changing to PEXGOL extended that time to 60 months (the remaining life time of the project). Without PEXGOL the client would have changed the entire pipeline 20 times during the life of the project. Furthermore, the pipes will be reused in the future during the next phaseof the project.


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