Dewatering in harsh ground

Dewatering in harsh ground

Timmins Gold Corp
Group, Molimentales del
Noroeste Mine
Mexico | 2016

Working conditions:
Solar exposure, 14 bars
Pipes used:
Pexgol 225 mm, Class 15 (SDR 11)
Water drainage
200 m

The Challenge
At “Molimentales” Mine in order to continue with their open-cast mining operations, it was necessary to drainage water from some sections in the ground. Formerly, the mine used an HDPE pipe of 12 meter sections, but they had constant issues due to leaks in the joints.
The Solution
A Pexgol pipe was provided, in 100 meters sections, in order to have less joints and thereby less leak risks.
Furthermore, the installation was fast and simple due to the lack of welds, and the pipes were dragged with the equipment that the mine already had available.


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