Leached Slurry Transportation

Leached Slurry Transportation

Moa Nickel S.A. Sherritt
Cuba | 2013

Working conditions:
Extreme transport temperature (110°C)
Pipes used:
Pexgol 500 mm, Class 15 &
Pexgol 355 mm, Class 15
Slurry transportation
350 m

The Challenge
Moa Nickel used to transport leached slurry from the tubular reactors
to the CCD thickener feed line. This process caused several issues on
different pipe materials. The transported fluid was composed by:

• 28-32 g/l acid
• 1,00 g/l N
• 0,54 g/l Co
• 1,00 g/l Fe
• 21,00 g/l SO4
• 30,0 g/l free acids

Solids: 0,086% Ni, 0,013% Co, 46,00% Fe
Previously, titanium Sch20 pipes were installed, but if suffered deformations and it needed to be repaired constantly. The titanium pipe was replaced for a stainless steel pipe 316 Sch40, and it lasted 8 years
and it finally required to be replaced because it presented wear issues.

The Solution
Golan provided 11.8 meters of pipes sections with mechanical joins that could resist corrosion, high temperatures and wear with no effort.
Regarding the prices per meter, installation costs and maintenance, versus stainless steel and titanium pipes, Pexgol proved to be the most convenient option.


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