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Pexgol production in Russia

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Pexgol™, a division of Golan Plastic Products, is a global leader of heavy duty Pe-Xa pipe material. We have over 30 years of experience producing our PE-Xa pipes.

Produced under high pressures and temperatures, Pexgol material results in a chemically unbreakable cross-connection between polyethylene chains. The result of this chemical connection is the creation of a material which has extremely high structural integrity, combined with resistance to a wide variety of corrosives and weather conditions.

Pexgol is supported by a team of highly qualified experts that provide planning, field installation supervision and direct technical support to ensure pipeline integrity.

Pipeline integrity means that our pipelines are designed and constructed properly, installed correctly, run safely and at maximum efficiency, bringing you a reliable, cost-saving solution. In addition, we offer direct technical support as well as assistance from local distributors.

 Whatever your challenge, We can provide the solution. 

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Markets We Serve:

  • Mining
  • Mineral Processing
  • Inrastracture
  • Slurry Transport
  • Tailing
  • OIl and Gas


Denmark,  Pexgol producion plant

Learn more about our Industrial, residential and infrastructure applications.

Range of diameters for diverse applications


Industrial Applications


Infrastructure applications


Domestic Applications

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