A Cost Effective, durable, leak-free solution with reliable service and zero maintenance.

An integrity strong solution with non-stop performance.

Pexgol's experience of over 40 years has consistently demonstrated an efficient, robust and genuinely cost-effective pipe system unmatched by HDPE and various other types of plastic pipes recently introduced into the market. The cross-linked molecular structure of our pipes creates a durability that slows crack growth, scratches and point loading. As a result, our pipes can be installed without sand embedding -- enabling rapid, cost effective installation. 

International standards allow the coiling of Pexgol pipes in sections longer than HDPE pipes. Our long sections also facilitate faster installation and reduce fitting costs.

Pexgol systems are used for a wide range of industrial applications, including: District Heating, Water Line Pipes, Gas piping sytems, Potable water lines and Sewerage.


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