In the harshest environments and most difficult terrains, you'll find Pexgol's industrial solutions.

These tough environments challenge our engineers to innovate, perfect and deliver design and operations of highest integrity and non-stop performance. 

Our proven solution has an exceptionally wide range of industrial applications:

Mineral Processing  HydrometallurgySlurry Pipelines, Process Water, Aquaculture, Boreholes Pipes, Mine Dewatering, Oil & Gas pipes

The durability and long life of the pipe in these extreme operating conditions of temperature, corrosion and wear also offer operators and owners the benefit of significant cost reduction in both CAPEX and OPEX 

Reduction of CAPEX by replacing exotic alloys pipes, and reduction in OPEX due to the long life of the pipe in extreme operating conditions involving temperature, corrosion and wear.

The proven performance envelope of Pexgol in a wide variety of industries and services under varied conditions provides engineers additional options in perfecting and optimizing their design and operations.


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Pex oil pipes and pex gas pipes is a reliable solution for the transportation of substances that must be treated with caution – Learn More!


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