Process Water

Whether acid or industrial waste, slurries, high temperature fluids or corrosive materials, Pexgol has a proven track record of success.

Our vast range of experience in process water piping systems of the past 40 years includes plants with acid waste, corrosive materials, toxic materials, slurry, industrial waste, high temperature fluids, and many types of abrasive materials.

We create a reliable non-stop, integrity strong solution tailor-made for owners and operators.

We select pipe material for your project based on a variety of considerations such as chemical, pressure and temperature compatibility. Pexgol's solution is also adaptable to other considerations such as proper shipping and handling of the pipe material (especially with rigid materials), type support required, cyclic fatigue, UV exposure, and proximity to heavy equipment that may appear only during operations.

Our solution reduces both capital both capital and maintenance costs for green fields while at the same time maintaining the highest of regulatory standards for both operators and owners. 

Pexgol's piping system includes:


To design a solution for you based on the specific considerations involved in your application, please complete this questionnaire.


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