Radiant Heating

Pexgol™ pipes are perfect for radiant floor heating, efficiently providing safe, reliable, underfloor heating in private homes or other facilities. This application consists of Pexgol™ or Multygol™ pipes laid under the floors. Hot water flows through the pipes, offering a safe and effective alternative to conventional heating systems. Underfloor heating is used in more than 50% of new construction in Western Europe. The same pipe systems are available for acclimatization using pipes installed in walls and ceilings.


  • Energy efficient: Pexgol and Multygol underfloor heating systems use low temperature water (maximum 40°C), significantly energy-saving compared to traditional methods which use temperatures of 70°C to 90°C to achieve similar results. No hot air accumulates near the ceiling, which also improves energy efficiency.
  • Energy sources: Any form of energy can be used to heat the water, including solar or geothermal power.
  • Convenient and user friendly: Furniture can be placed anywhere to fully utilize the available space in the room. Unsightly radiators are a thing of the past and there is no potential risk of exposing wood furniture to dangerous heating devices. Cleaning is easier—the floor dries in minutes.


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