GPP has been producing and selling pipes for residential applications for more than 40 years. The pipes are sold OEM in dozens of countries and GPP pipes are known worldwide for their high quality.

GPP pipes have quality approvals from the most important standards institutes representing an impressive range of countries, including DVGW, NFS, CSTB, SAAB, SKZ, ICC, SITAC and others.

GPP pipes are suitable for working temperatures up to 95°C at a rated pressure of 10 bars. GPP provides different types of cross-linked pipe in two main categories:

  • Pexgol – Pe-Xa pipes
  • Multygol – multilayer pipe

Pexgol™ pipes are supplied in a pipe-in-pipe system with a major advantage over traditional systems by eliminating the need to break tiles, walls and flooring. Repairs are made by simply pulling out the Pexgol pipe from its conduit pipe for easy, convenient access to all parts of the system and simple re-insertion of a new pipe.

The Pexgol pipe has very low thermal conductivity, and the air trapped between the Pexgol pipe and the conduit pipe significantly increases insulation, so that no additional insulation is required.

Multygol™ PEX/Aluminum/PEX flexible pipes are an attractive alternative to traditional metal pipes, both in terms of their superior performance as well as their easy installation and maintenance.

Multygol pipes consist of two layers of PEX with an aluminum layer between the layers that gives the pipe more strength and a hermetic oxygen barrier. The aluminum layer is bonded to the PEX layers with a special adhesive material. The perfectly symmetric aluminum layer is butt-welded using advanced technology, making Multygol a perfect combination of plastic and metal components.


  • Domestic sanitary hot and cold water supply (95°C and 10 bars)
  • Solar heating systems
  • Riser main
  • Radiant heating and radiators systems
  • Gas pipes


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