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Pexgol™ Raiser system is a quick-install, low cost system, providing the contractor with a simple, lightweight system for distribution of hot and cold water supply in apartment buildings.

The Pexgol system saves the cumbersome, slow screw threading preparation as well as the manpower that goes along with these tasks.

Steel pipes need massive anchor points due to their heavy weight, while Pexgol pipes are ready for installation as a continuous pipe unit (up to 100 stories), flexible and lighter than steel pipes, facilitating simple, quick installation.Additionally, installing steel pipes in shafts necessitates high precision and careful preplanning as opposed to Pexgol pipe installation, where the shaft system is based on Pexgol flexible pipes with a series of fittings that enable adaptable design and installation.

The system is totally resistant to internal and external corrosion, including the harsh conditions in hot water pipes. Installation of the new pipes does not require disconnecting the water supply during installation. The final connections can be made at the last minute, preventing inconvenience by ensuring continuous water supply.

  • Simple installation that does not require heavy equipment – cost effective for installers
  • Connection of up to100 stories using a single continuous pipe unit
  • Special branch-off saddles eliminate need to cut pipe

The main Pexgol pipes move up and down, or from side to side, as does the outlet pipe, without inducing stress on the branch saddle, resulting in leakage-free branch outlets.


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