Water Lines

Pexgol™ systems offer municipalities a long-term solution for critical water lines. Resistant to corrosion, land instability and weathering, Pexgol durability is well proven.

Long pipe sections allow a faster installation rate and less fittings, contributing to reducing project costs and risk. The system is simple, and most fittings are standard off-the-shelf items, meaning that contractors need to make only minor (if any) transitions in their working procedures.

Pexgol pipes are NOT sensitive to scratches and cracks and they do not need special care during handling. Unlike HDPE or steel, Pexgol pipes do not require sand embedding. Pexgol pipe installation in trenches is simple and easy; it can be immediately covered with the extracted soil. The pipes can be connected in the trench. Pexgol pipe is extremely resistant to mechanical damage or abuse, such as scratches from stones. 


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