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The Pexgol Chemical Resistance List is based on information included in the professional literature.

The list is only intended as a guide.

Changes in the composition of the medium or special working conditions could lead to deviations. Consult the Golan Plastic Product experts in each specific case.

Chemical Resistance Test for Pexgol Pipes

The following procedure is an initial test for the chemical resistance of Pexgol pipes.

Each combination of service conditions (service temperature, chemical concentration) constitutes a different case. However, for the same pipeline, the worst case is usually the highest temperature and the highest concentration.

The tested items are 20 “dumbbells” (also called “dogbones” or “coupons”) made from Pexgol pipes.

Immersion Test
  • The dumbbells are immersed in the same material transported through the pipeline (same chemical composition and same temperature) for a period of 4 weeks.
  • After 2 weeks, 10 dumbbells are removed and stored.
  • After an additional 2 weeks, the other 10 dumbbells are removed.
  • The two groups of dumbbells are packed separately and the packages are marked appropriately to identify the removal and storage conditions.
  • The packages are sent to Golan for tensile testing.
Chemical Resistance

A. Resistant:can be used within the working pressures (safety factor of 1.25).
B. Conditionally resistant: restrictions of 70% to 90% must be made regarding the working pressures.
C. Conditionally resistant: can be used within pressures up to 60% of the working pressures.
D. Conditionally resistant: can be used within pressures up to 20% of the working pressures.
U. Unknown: not recommended.

In case of dangerous liquids (strong acids and bases) the safety factor should be increased to 1.5 or 2.0.

In case of doubt please consult us.

Compound Chemical Resistance
40°C 60°C 80°C 100°C
Accumulator Acid A A A
Acetaldehyde 40% A A B
Acetaldehyde 100% U
Acetamide A A A
Acetic Acid 05% A A
Acetic Acid 10% A A
Acetic Acid 20% A A
Acetic Acid 50% A A
Acetic Acid 60% A A
Acetic Acid 80% A A
Acetic Acid Ethyl Ester A A
Acetic Anhydride A D
Acetoacetic Acid A
Acetone C
Acetophenone B
Acetyl Bromide U
Acetyl Chloride B
Acetylene A A A
Acetylene Dichloride see Dichloroethylene
Acid mixture H2SO4-HNO3-H2O U
Acid mixture H2SO4-H3PO4-H2O B
Acrylic emulsions A
Acroline dispersion A
Acroline solution B
Acronal C
AcryloNitrile A A A
Acrylic Acid A A
Adipic Acid A A A
Air A A A
Aktivin A A
Alcohol see Ethylalcohol
Aliphatic Esters A A A
Allyl Acetate A C
Allyl Alcohol 7% A A A
Allyl Alcohol 95% A
Allyl Aldehyde see Acroline
Allyl Chloride C U
Alum A A A B
Aluminium Acetate A A A
Aluminium Chloride A A A
Aluminium Fluoride A A A
Aluminium Hydroxide A A A
Aluminium Metaphosphate A A
Aluminium Nitrate sol. A A A
Aluminium Phosphate A A A
Aluminium Potassium Phosphate A A A
Aluminium Potassium Sulphate A A A A
Aluminium Sodium Sulphate sol. A A A
Aluminium Sulphate A A A
Amino Acids A A B
Aminoacetic Acid B B
Ammonia Aqueous A A A
Ammonia, dry gas A A A
Ammoniacal Liquor A A
Ammonium Acetate A A A
Ammonium Aluminium Sulphate A A
Ammonium Bromide B B
Ammonium Carbonate A A A
Ammonium Chloride A A A
Ammonium Fluoride 20% A A A
Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate A A A
Ammonium Hydrogen Sulphide A A A
Ammonium Hydroxide A A A
Ammonium Metaphosphate A A A
Ammonium Molybdate A B
Ammonium Nitrate A A A
Ammonium Persulphate A A A
Ammonium Phosphate A A A
Ammonium Sulfide A A A
Ammonium Sulphate A A A
Ammonium Sulphocyanide A
Ammonium Thiocyanate A A A
Amyl Acetate A A
Amyl Alcohol A A A
Amyl Chloride U
Amyl Methyl Carbinol B
Amyl Naphthaline B
Amyl Phthalate A B
Aniline Hydrochloride D
Aniline Sulphate U
Aniline, coloured see Aniline
Aniline, pure A A
Aniline, water soluble B
Animal Fats A A A
Animal Oils B B B
Anis Oil B
Aniseed Oil C U
Anisole see Cyclohexanone
Antifreeze solution A A A
Antimony Pentachloride A A A
Antimony Trichloride A A A
Antrhoquinone Sulphonic Acid A A
Aqua Regia U
Aromatic Acids A A A
Aromatic Hydrocarbons U
Arsenic B B
Arsenic Acid 80% A A A
Arsenic Acid Anhydride A A
Arsenic Salts A
Arsenic Trichloride U
Ascorbic Acid A
Asphalt A C
ASTM Oil no. 1 A A A
ASTM Oil no. 2 A A A
ASTM Oil no. 3 A A A
Atropine Sulphate A
Barium Carbonate A A A
Barium Chloride A A A
Barium Hydrosulphide, Bone Oil B
Barium Hydroxide A A A
Barium Salts A A
Barium Sulphate A A A
Barium Sulphide A A A
Battery Acid A B
Beater Glues A
Beer Colours A A A
Beer, trading quality A
Beet Juice A A
Benzaldehyde 0.1% C
Benzaldehyde 100% A C
Benzaldehyde Oxime 2% A
Benzaldoxime see Benzaldehyde Oxime
Benzene (Benzole) D U
Benzene Carbonic Acid see Bensoic Acid
Benzene Dicarbonic Acid see Phthalic Acid
Bezene Sulphonic Acid A B
Benzoic Acid A A B
Benzole Carbon Acid see Bensoic Acid
Benzole Dicarbon Acid see Phthalic Acid
Benzole Sulphonic Acid U
Benzyl Acetate B
Benzyl Alcohol A A B
Benzyl Benzoate B
Benzyl Chloride A
Bichromate Sulfuric Acid B U
Bismuth Carbonate A A A
Bisulfite see Sodium Bisulfite
Bitumen A C
Black Liquor B B
Bleach D U
Bleach Lye 10% B B
Bloodstream Salt, red see Potassium Ferricyanide
Bloodstream Salt, yellow see Potassium Ferricyanide
Bone Oil A A
Bonewax A U
Borax see Sodium Tetraborate
Boric Acid A A A
Boric Acid Methyl Ester B U
Boric Copper Sulphate A
Boric Trifluoride A
Boron Trifluoride A D
Brake Fluids A A A
Brandy A
Brines, saturated A A A A
Brom Oil A B
Bromate Solution A A
Bromoethane U
Bromic Acid A A A
Bromine Vapours, low conc. B
Bromine Water U
Bromine, Liquid U
Bromochloromethane U
Butadiene 50% A A A
Butadiene 100% B
Butane (gas) U
Butanediol up to 10% A A A
Butanediol up to 100% B
Butanetriol A A
Butanol 100% A A A
Butanone A U
Butene U
Butoxyl A C
Butter A B
Butter Acid C
Butter Acid in water, conc. C
Butter Acid in water, sol. 20% C
Butyl Acetate A B C
Butyl Acrylate A B
Butyl Alcohol see Butanol
Butyl Aldehyde A B
Butyl Benzyl Phtalate A A
Butyl Carbinol B
Butyl Cellulose solution U
Butyl Phenol U
Butyl Stearate A A A
Butylene see Butene
Butylene Glycol see Butanediol
Butyric Acid C D
Cadmium Salts A
Caffeine Citrate B B
Calcium Acetate A A A
Calcium Bisulphide A B
Calcium Bisulphite A A A
Calcium Bromide 50% A A
Calcium Bromide 80% A
Calcium Carbide A A
Calcium Carbonate (Soda) A A A
Calcium Chlorate A A A
Calcium Chloride A A A B
Calcium Hydrosulphite containing SO2 B B
Calcium Hydroxide A A A
Calcium Hypochlorite A A A
Calcium Nitrate A A A
Calcium Oxide A
Calcium Phosphate A
Calcium Sulphate A A A
Calcium Sulphide B
Calcium Water A
Camphor C
Cane Sugar A
Cane Sugar Juice A A A
Carbamide 33% A A A
Carbazole A A
Carbolic Acid A B
Carbolic Acid (Phenol) A A
Carbolineum A C
Carbon Bisulfide U
Carbon Dioxide A A A
Carbon Dioxide damp A A A
Carbon Dioxide dry A A A A
Carbon Disulphide D U
Carbon Monoxide – lamp gas A A A
Carbon Tetrachloride D U
Carbonic Acid H2CO3 A A
Carnbevox A
Carrot Juice A A
Castor Oil A B
Caustic Potash A A
Caustic Soda see Sodium Hydroxide
Cedar Leaf Oil D
Cedar Wood Oil D
Cellulose Dissolver see Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether
Cetyl Alcohol A A B
Chalk A A A
Cheese Enzyme A A A
Chloral Hydrate A A A
Chloramine A A A
Chloramine T see Para Toluene Sulfonyl Chloride
Chloride Acid see Hydrochloric Acid
Chlorine water 10 PPM A A
Chlorine water saturated A B
Chlorine, damp gas C U
Chlorine, dry gas B U
Chlorine, liquid U
Chloroacetic Acid Ethyl Ester A A
Chloroacetic Acid Methyl Ester A A
Chloro Carbonic Acid A C
Chloroacetic Acid 85% B B
Chloroacetic Acid 98% B
Chloroacetic Acid 100% B U
Chlorobenzene D U
Chlorocalcium (in H2O) A A A
Chloroethane see Ethyl Chloride
Chloroethanol A A A
Chloroethyl Alcohol see Chloroethanol
Chloroethyl Phosphate A A
Chloroform D U
Chloromethane see Methyl Chloride
Chloropicrin U
Chloropropane see Glycerine Chlorhydrin
Chlorosulfonic Acid U
Chrome Alum A A A
Chrome Anode Mud A A
Chrome Mercury B
Chromic Acid 50% A A A
Chromic Acid 80% A B
Chromic Acid Anhydride see Chromium Trioxide
Chromium Oxide see Chromium Trioxide
Chromium Salts A
Chromium Trioxide 20% A A A
Chromium Trioxide 50% A B
Chromium Trioxide 80%
Chromosulfuric Acid A U
Cider A B
Cinnamon B C
Cinnamon Oil D
Cis – Oxime see Benzaldehyde Oxime
Citric Acid A
Citronella B D
Citrus Juices A A
Cloves C C
Coal Tar D U
Cobalt Chloride A A A
Coca Cola A A
Coca Cola Syrup A B
Coconut Oil Alcohols B C
Cocoa Fat A A A
Cocoa Fat Alcohol A A A
Coconut Oil A B
Cod Liver Oil B C
Coffee A
Cognac A
Kola nut, concentrated A A A
Cooking Salt see Sodium Chloride
Copper Acetate B
Copper Chloride (Cupric) A A A
Copper Chloride (Cuprous) A A A
Copper Cyanide A A A
Copper Fluoride A A A
Copper Nitrate A A A
Copper Salts A A
Copper Sulphate A A A
Corn Oil A A A
Corn Syrup A A
Cottonseed oil A B C
Coumarone Resins A A
Cranberry Sauce B B
Creosote A B
Cresol 100% A C
Cresol, diluted A C
Crop Protection Agent A A
Croton Aldehyde A C
Crude Oil A B C D
Cupric Salts Cuprous Chloride A
Saturated B B
Cupprous Oxide B B
Cyanides A A A
Cyclanone A A
Cyclohexane C D
Cyclohexanol A
Cyclohexanone D U
Cyclohexyl Alcohol A B
Decahydro Naphthalene B C
Decalin A C
Defoamer A C
Denatured Spirit see Methyl Alcohol
Deodorants A A
Detergents A B
Dextrine A A A
Dextrose A A A A
Diacetone A A A
Diacetone Alcohol A
Diammonium Salts A A A
Diazo Salts A A
Dibenzyl Ether B
Dibromoethane D U
Dibutyl Ether B D
Dibutyl Phthalate B C
Dibutyl Sebacate A B B
Dichloracetic Acid A A A
Dichloroacetic Acid Methyl Ester A A A
Dichlorobenzene C U
Dichloroethane see Ethyl Chloride
Dichloroethylene U
Dichloromethane see Methyl Chloride
Dicyclohexamine B
Diesel Fuel A U
Diesel Oil A U
Diethlene Glycol Monobutylene A
Diethyl Benzene B
Diethyl Ether see Ethyl Ether
Diethyl Ketone B C
Diethyl Phthalate A
Diethylamine B
Diethylene Dioxide see Dioxane
Diethylene Glycol A A
Diglycolic Acid A A A
Dihexyl Phthalate A A A
Diisobutylene B
Diisopropyl Ether B U
Diisopropyl Ketone A A A
Dimethyl Amine C U
Dimethyl Aniline B
Dimethyl Benzole see Xylol
Dimethyl Formamide A B
Dimethyl Ketone see Acetone
Dimethyl Phthalate A A A
Dimethyl Sulphoxide A A
Dioctyl Phthalate B C
Dioctyl Sebacate B
Dioxalane B
Dioxane A B C
Dioxyethyl Ether see Diethylene Glycol
Diphenyl B
Diphenyl Amine A C
Diphenyl Oxide B C
Dishwasher Detergents A A B
Disodium Phosphate A A
Disodium Sulphate A A
Dispersions A
Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid A C
Dop (Diethylhexyl Phthalate) A C
Edible Oil A
Electrolyte 10% A A A
Elementine normal conc. A A A A
Emulsions, Photographic A A A
Engine Oils A C
Ephetin A A
Epichlorohydrin A A B
Epoxy Ethane see Ethylene Oxide
Epsom Salts A A
Essential Oils C U
Esteric Oils B B B
Ethanal see Acetaldehyde
Ethandiol see Ethylene Glycol
Ethane A A
Ethane Diamine see Ethylene Diamine
Ethanol see Ethyl Alcohol
Ethanolamine A A B
Ethers C D U
Ethoxyethane see Ethyl Ether
Ethyl Acetate A B C
Ethyl Alcohol A A A B
Denatured with 2% Toluol A
plus Acetic Acid, quality use A
Ethyl Benzene D U
Ethyl Benzoate B
Ethyl Carbitol B
Ethyl Cellulose B
Ethyl Chloride C U
Ethyl Dibromide C U
Ethyl Ether C D U
Ethyl Formate B
Ethyl Glycol B
Ethyl Methyl Ketone see Butanone
Ethyl Oxalate A A A
Ethyl Pentachloro Benzene U
Ethyl Salicylate B
Ethyl Silicate A A A
Ethyl Valeriate A
Ethylamine A A A
Ethylene A B
Ethylene Chlorhydrin U
Ethylene Chloride U
Ethylene Diamine A A
Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid A A
Ethylene Dichloride D U
Ethylene Glycol 100% trading quality A A A B
Ethylene Glycol\Monoethyl Ether A
Ethylene Oxide, gaseous A A
Ethylene Oxide, liquid U
Ethylene Trichloride D
Ethylhexyl Alcohol A B
Eugenol B
Euron B B B
Euron G A A
Fatty Acid A B C
Fatty Acid Amides A C
Fatty Alcohols A C
Fatty Oils A C
Ferric Chloride see Iron Chloride
Ferric Nitrate see Iron Nitrate
Ferrous Ammonium Citrate A B
Ferrous Chloride A B
Ferrous Sulphate Fe SO4 A A
Fertiliser Salts A A A B
Fir Wool Oil A C
Fish Oil A A A
Fish Solubles B
Fluoboric Acid A B
Fluorbenzene U
Fluorides A A A
Fluorine, liquid C
Fluorine (solution) U
Fluosilicic Acid 25% A C
Formaldehyde 40% A A
Formaldehyde, diluted A A A
Formamide A A A
Formic Acid A A B
Freon 12 C U
Freon 13 A A A
Freon 21 U
Freon 22 A A A
Freon 113 A
Freon 114 A A A
Frigen C U
Fructose A A
Fruit Juice A A A
Fruit Mass (fruit pulp) A A A
Fruit Sugar A
Fuel Oils A D
Fuming Sulphuric Acid see Oleum
Furan D
Furfural A C U
Furfural Alcohol A B
Gallic Acid A A
Gas Liquor A A
Gas, Natural see Natural Gas
Gases, containing Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Acid A A A A
Gases containing Chlorine A A A B
Gases, containing Fluorine traces A A A
Gases, containing Nitrious Oxide traces A A A
Gases, containing Oleum, low conc. U
Gases, containing Sulphur Dioxide 50% A A
Gases, containing Sulphur Dioxide, low conc. A A A B
Gases, containing Sulphuric Acid A A A
Gasoline-Benzene mixture 80/20 B C
Gasoline, Leaded A
Gasoline, pure, 100 Octane B C
Gasoline, Sour A
Gasoline, Unleaded A
Gelatine A A A
Genantin A A
Gin A A
Glaubers Salt A A
Glucose see Dextrose
Glycerine Chlorhydrin A A A
Glycerine, Glycerol A A A
Glycerol Chlorohydrin A A
Glycine see Glycol
Glycois A A
Glycol A A
Glycol Dichloride see Ethylene Chloride
Glycol Ester A A A
Glycolic Acid 37% A B
Glycolic Acid Butyl Ester A A
Glysantin A A
Grape Juice A A
Grape Sugar A A
Grapefruit Juice A A
Grease A
Grisiron 8302 B B
Grisiron 8702 A A
Hair Oil/Tonic Oil A A
Halothane C D
Hand Lotions A A
Heating Oil, Barrel Oil A
Heavy Emulsion see Barium Carbonate
Heavy Oil B
Heptane B D
Hexachlorobenzene A B
Hexadecylalcohol A A
Hexane C D
Hexanetriol A A
Hexyl Alcohol D
Honey A
Household Cleaners A B
Hydrobromic Acid 20% A A
Hydrobromic Acid 50% A A
Hydrochloric Acid 10% A A A
Hydrochloric Acid 20% A A A
Hydrochloric Acid < 30% A A A
Hydrochloric Acid ≥ 30% A A B
Hydrochloric dry gas A
Hydrocyanic Acid see Hydrogen Cyanide
Hydrocyanic Acid 10% A C
Hydrofluoric Acid 20% A A
Hydrofluoric Acid 50% A A
Hydrofluoric Acid 75%, HF A A
Hydrofluosilicic Acid A A
Hydrogen A A A
Hydrogen Bromide A A A
Hydrogen Chloride gas dry and moist A A A
Hydrogen Cyanide A A A
Hydrogen Fluoride 40% A A
Hydrogen Fluoride 70% A
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% A A A
Hydrogen Peroxide 50% B
Hydrogen Peroxide 90% C
Hydrogen Peroxide 100% A
Hydrogen Phosphide A
Hydrogen Sulphide, H2S A A A B
Hydrogen Sulphide (Aq. Sol.) A A A B
Hydrogen Sulphide, dry A A A
Hydroquinone A A
Hydrosulphite A A
Hydroxylamine Sulphate A A
Hypochlorous Acid A A
Hydraulic Fluids A B
Hyrazine Hydrate A A
Igepal A A A
Ink A A A
Iodine A
Iodine, alcoholic sol. B
Iodine ink A
Iodine-Potassium Iodide, 3% A A
Iodine Solution U
Iodine, Tincture of A C
Iron (II) Chloride A A A
Iron (II) Sulphate A A A
Iron (III) Chloride A A A A
Iron (III) Nitrate A A A
Iron (III) Sulphate A A A
Isobutyl Alcohol A A
Isooctane A B
Isopropanol A A
Isopropyl Acetate A C
Isopropyl Ether D U
Jams A A
Kerosene B C
Kerosine B C
Ketones B D
Labarraques Solution D U
Lacquer U
Lactic Acid 90% A A A
Lactose A A
Lanolin A A A
Latex A
Lauryl Alcohol B
Lavender Oil B
Lead Acetate A A A B
Lead Arsenate A
Lead Nitrate A A A
Lead Sulphamate A A A
Lemon Juice A A
Lemon Oil B U
Lime A A
Lime Chloride A A
Lime Juice B B
Lime Water A A
Lind Oil A B C
Liquor, Trading Quality C U
Lithium Bromide A A
Lubricating Oils A C
Machine Oils A B
Magnesium Carbonate A A A
Magnesium Chloride A A A
Magnesium Fluosilicate A A
Magnesium Hydroxide A A A
Magnesium Iodine A A
Magnesium Nitrate A A A
Magnesium Salts A A
Magnesium Sulphate A A A A
Maleic Acid A A A A
Malic Acid A A
Manganese Sulphate A A A
Manure, liquid A A
Margarine B C
Marmalade A A A
Masa A A
Mascara A A A
Mash A A
Mayonnaise A
Molasses spices, industrial conc. A A A
Molasses, industrial conc. A A A A
Menthanol see Menthol
Menthol A C
Mercuric Chloride A B
Mercuric Cyanide B B
Mercurochrome A A
Mercurous Nitrate B B
Mercury A A A
Mercury Salts A A A
Mesityl Oxide B
Metallic Mordants A A
Methacrylate A A
Methacrylic Acid A A
Methane B
Methane Amide see Formamide
Methanol see Methyl Alcohol
Methoxy Butanol A A A
Methoxybutyl Alcohol A B
Methyl-2-Pentanone (4-) A A
Methyl Acetate B
Methyl Alcohol A A A
Methyl Amine, 32% A
Methyl Bromide see Bromethane
Methyl Butyl Ketone A A A
Methyl Cellulose Solvent A
Methyl Chloride D U
Methyl Ethyl Ketone B D
Methyl Formate B
Methyl Glycol A A A
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone A C
Methyl Methacrylate A A B
Methyl n-Propyl Ketone A B
Methyl Oleate A A A
Methyl Phenol see Cresol
Methyl Pyrrolidone A A
Methyl Salicate B
Methyl Salicylate A B
Methyl Sulphate A A
Methyl Sulphuric Acid up to 50% B B
Methylbenzene D U
Methylcyclohexane C D
Methylene Chloride C U
Milk A A A
Mineral Oils B U
Mineral Spirits A C
Mineral Water A A A
Molasses A A
Mold Release A A
Monochloride Acetic Acid A A A
Monochloride Acetic Acid Ethylester A A A
Monochloride Acetic Acid Methylester A A A
Monochloro Benzene D
Monoethanolamine A
Monoethyl Ether A A A
Monomethyl Aniline A A A
Morpholine A A
Monopropylene Glycol A A A
Motor Oil C
Mowilth A A
Mustard A B
Nafta B U
Naphthalene, Naphthaline A C
Natural Gas A A
Nickel A
Nickel Chloride A B
Nickel Nitrate A B
Nickel Salts A A
Nickel Sulphate A B
Nicotine A A
Nicotine Acid B B
Nitric Acid 30% A A
Nitric Acid 30-50% B C
Nitric Acid 40% B
Nitric Acid 70% C
Nitric Acid 98% U
Nitrobenzene (Oil of Mirbane) C U
Nitrocellulose A
Nitroethane A U
Nitrogen A A A
Nitroglycerin B D
Nitromethane A U
Nitrotoluene A B
Nitrous gases, conc. A U
Nonyl Alcohol A A
Octane A B
Octyl Alcohol A B
Octyl Cresol B U
Oil C C
Oil Acid C
Oleic Acid A C
Oleic Acid (Red Oil) U
Oleum U
Oleum vapour (SO3) B
Olive Oil A A A
Optical Brighteners A A
Orange Extract A A
Ortho-Boric Acid see Boric Acid
Oxalic Acid A B
Oxyacetic Acid see Glycolic Acid
Oxybensole see Phenol
Oxydiethanole see Diethylene Glycol
Oxygen A A
Oxypropionic Acid see Lactic Acid
Oxyrane see Ethylene Oxide
l-Oxytoluol see Benzyl Alcohol
m-Oxytoluol see Cresol
Ozone C U
Painting Turpentine see Thinner
Palm Kernal Oil A A
Palm Oil B B
Palmatic Acid A A B
Palmityl Alcohol A A
Palmolive Oil A
Paraffin A B C
Paraffin Emulsion, trading qual. B
Paraffin Oil A A A
Paraformaldehyde A A
Paratoluene Sulpho Chloramide Sodium 1% A
Peanut Butter B B
Pentanol see Amyl Alcohol
Pentanol Acetate see Amyl Acetate
Pepper B B
Peppermint Oil B D
Perchloric Acid 10% A A
Perchloric Acid 20% A A A
Perchloric Acid 50% A B C
Perchloric Acid 70% A D
Perchloro Ethylene U
Perfumes C U
Petroleum A B C
Petroleum Ether A D
Petroleum Jelly B B
Petroleum Spirits C D
Phenol up to 90% A A U
Phenolic Resins A A
Phenols 100% (Carbolic Acid) D
Phenyl Alcohol see Benzyl Alcohol
Phenyl Ethane see Ethyl Benzene
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol A A
Phenyl Hydrazine C D
Phenyl Hydrazine Hydrochloride A U
Phenyl Methane see Toluol
Phenyl Methyl Ether see Cyclohexanone
Phenyl Sulfonate A A
Phosgene, gas U
Phosphates A A A
Phosphoric Acid 80% A A A A
Phosphoric Acid 90% A A A A
Phosphoric Acid 95% A A
Phosphorus Oxychloride A B B
Phosphorus Pentoxide A A A
Phosphorus Trichloride A B
Phosphorus Yellow A
Photographic Developer A A
Photographic solution, Fixer A A A
Phthalic Acid 50% A A A
Phtalic Acid Ester A C
Phtalic Anhydride B B
Pickling Baths B C
Picric Acid 1% A B
Pine Oil B D
Pineapple Juice A A
Pinene B
Plasticizers of Polyester A B
Plating Solutions, Brass A B
Plating Solutions, Cadmium A B
Plating Solutions, Copper A B
Plating Solutions, Gold A B
Plating Solutions, Indium A B
Plating Solutions, Iron A B
Plating Solutions, Lead A B
Plating Solutions, Nickel A B
Plating Solutions, Rhodium A B
Plating Solutions, Silver A B
Plating Solutions, Tin A B
Plating Solutions, Zinc A B
Polyesters (Resins) C U
Polyglycols A A
Polysolvan O A A
Potash Alum A A
Potassium Acetate B
Potassium Bicarbonate A B
Potassium Bichromate 40% see Potassium Dichromate
Potassium Bisolphate A A
Potassium Borate 1% A A A
Potassium Bromate A A A
Potassium Bromide A A A
Potassium Carbonate A A A
Potassium Chlorate A A A
Potassium Chloride A A A A
Potassium Chromate A A A
Potassium Chromium Sulphate A A A B
Potassium Cupro Cyanide A A A
Potassium Cyanide A A A
Potassium Dichromate 40% A A A
Potassium Ferricyanide A A A B
Potassium Ferrocyanide A B
Potassium Fluoride A A A
Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate A A A
Potassium Hydrogen Sulphate A A A
Potassium Hydrogen Sulphite solution A A A
Potassium Hydroxide 50% A A A
Potassium Hydroxide 60% A A B
Potassium Hypochlorite, solution A B
Potassium Iodide, cold saturated A A A
Potassium Nitrate A A A
Potassium Orthophosphate A A A
Potassium Perborate A A A
Potassium Perchlorate 1% A A A A
Potassium Perchlorate 10% A
Potassium Permanganate 18% A A A
Potassium Persulfate A
Potassium Phophate A A A
Potassium Salts A
Potassium Sulphate A A A
Potassium Sulphate, cold saturated A A A
Potassium Sulphide A A A
Potassium Sulphite A A
Potassium Supersulphate A A A
Potassium Tetracyano Cuprate A A
Potassium Thiosulphate A A
Propargyl Alcohol A
Propane Acid see Propionic Acid
Propanediol see Propylene Glycol
Propanetriol see Glycerine
Propane, gas A B
Propane, liquid B
Propanol A A A
Propanone see Acetone
Propargyl Alcohol A B
Propene A A A
Propionic Acid A A A
Propyl Acetate B
Propyl Alcohol see Propanol
Propylene Dichloriole U
Propylene Glycol A A A
Propylene Oxide A A
Prune Juice A
Pseudocumol/Pseudocumene B B
Pyridine A B C
Pyrol B
Quinine A A
Rayon Coagulating Bath A B
Resorcinol A B
Ricine Oil A B
Rinser Loosener A A A
Road Tar U
Roasting Gases A A
Rouge A A
Rubbers Dispersions/Latex A A
Sagrotan A B
Salicylic Acid A A A
Salicylic Acid Methyl Ester A B
Sauerkraut A A
Sea Water A A A A
Selenic Acid A A
Shampoos, Shaving Lotion A A
Shortening A B
Silicic Acid A A
Silicone Fats A A A
Silicone Oils A A A
Silver Nitrate ≤80% A A A B
Silver Salts, cold saturated A A A
Soap A A A
Soap Loosener A A A
Soap Solution A A A
Soda see Sodium Carbonate
Sodium Acetate A A A
Sodium Aluminate A A A
Sodium Aluminium Sulphate A A A
Sodium Benzoate A A A
Sodium Benzoate to 36% A A A
Sodium Bicarbonate A A A
Sodium Bisulphate A A A
Sodium Bisulphite A A A A
Sodium Borate A A A
Sodium Bromide A A A
Sodium Carbonate A A A
Sodium Chlorate A A A
Sodium Chloride A A A A
Sodium Chlorite 50% A A A A
Sodium Chlorite and Bleach A B
Sodium Chlorite and Water A A A A
Sodium Chromate A A
Sodium Cyanide A A A
Sodium Dichromate A A
Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate A A
Sodium Ferricyanide A A A
Sodium Ferrocyanide A A A
Sodium Fluoride A A A
Sodium Hexacyano Ferrate A A
Sodium Hexametaphosphate A
Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate A A A
Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate A A A
Sodium Hydrogen Sulphite sol. A A A
Sodium Hydrosulphite 10% A A A
Sodium Hydroxide 15% A A
Sodium Hydroxide 20% A A
Sodium Hydroxide 30% A A
Sodium Hydroxide 50% A A
Sodium Hydroxide 70% A A
Sodium Hydroxide Conc. (Caustic Soda) A A
Sodium Hypochlorite 12% B D
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution B
Sodium Metaphosphate A A A
Sodium Nitrate A A A
Sodium Nitrite A A A
Sodium Perborate A C
Sodium Perchlorate A A
Sodium Peroxide 10% A A A
Sodium Phosphate A A A
Sodium Polyacrylate (GR 894) A A A
Sodium Silicate A A A
Sodium Sulphate A A A
Sodium Sulphide A A A
Sodium Sulphite A A A
Sodium Tetraborate A A A
Sodium Thiosulphate A A A
Soya Oil A B
Spermaceti A B
Spindle Oil C D
Spinning Oil A B
Spinning-Bath Oil containing Carbon Disulphide 0.01% A A
Spinning-Bath Oil containing Carbon Disulphide 0.07% A A
Spot Solvents A A A
Stain Removers C D
Stannic Chloride A A
Stannic Salts A
Stannous Chloride A A
Starch A A A A
Starch Syrup A A A
Steam A A A
Stearic Acid A A B
Styrene C U
Succinic Acid A A
Sucrose Solution A A A
Sugar A A
Sulphates A A
Sulphur A A A
Sulphur Dioxide, dry A A A B
wet, in water solution A A A
Sulphur Solution A
Sulphur Trioxide U
Sulphuric Acid 20% A A A A
Sulphuric Acid 50% A A A B
Sulphuric Acid 70% A C
Sulphuric Acid 80-90% B C
Sulphuric Acid 96% A U
Sulphuric Acid 98% U
Sulphuric Ether B C
Sulphurous Acid A A
Sulphuryl Chloride B
Superchloric Acid see Perchloric Acid
Synthetic Washing Powder, home quality A A A
Tallow A B
Tannic Acid A A
Tannin see Ascorbic Acid
Tar U
Tartaric Acid (Dihydrxy Succinic Acid) A A
Tea B B
Tertiary Butyl Alcohol A A A
Tetrabromo Ethane D U
Tetrachloro Ethane D U
Tetraethyl Lead A
Tetrahydro Furane U
Tetrahydro Furfuryl Alcohol A
Tetrahydro Naphtalene B U
Tetraline see Tetrahydro Naphtalene
Tetramethylene Oxide see Tetrahydro Furane
Tin Chloride A A
Tin Salts A A A
Thinner D
Thioglycolic Acid A A
Thionyl Chloride D U
Thiophene D U
Titanium Tetrachloride U
Toluene D U
Tomato Juice A A
Transformer Oils A C D
Tributile Phosphate A A
Tributro Ethyl Phosphate B
Trichloro Acetic Acid A B
Trichloro Acetic Acid 50% A C
Trichloro Benzene U
Trichloro Ethane C U
Trichloro Ethylene (Tri) U
Trichloro Methane see Chloroform
Tricresyl Phosphate A A
Triethanolamine A B
Triethylene Glycol A A
Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) A
Trilom, trade quality A A A
Trimethyl Borate U
Trimethylbenzene see Pseudocumol
Trimethylol Propane A A
Trinitro Phenol see Picric Acid
Trinitro Toluene U
Trioctyl Phosphate A B
Trisodium Phosphate A B C
Trybutyl Phosphate A A A
Turbine Oil B
Turpentine D U
Tutogen U A A
Tween 20 B U
Tween 80 B U
Urea A B
Uric Acid A A
Uric Compounds see Carbamide
Urine A A
Urine, normal conc. A A A
Vanille Extract A B
Vaseline A B C
Vaseline Oil A B
Vegetable Dyes A A
Vegetable Oils B B B
Vinegar A A A
Vinegar Acid Anhydride A A B U
Vinegar Acid Butyl Ester see Butyl Acetate
Vinegar Acid Ethyl Ester see Ethyl Acetate
Vinegar Ester see Ethyl Acetate
Vinegar, trading quality A A A
Vinyl Acetate A A
Vinyl Chloride A A A
Vinyl Cyanide see Acrylonitritle
Viscose Spinning Solution A A
Vitamin C A A
Walnut Oil A B
Waste gases with Acid A A
Waste gases with Carbon Monoxide A A
Waste gases with HCL A A
Waste gases with H2SO4 A A
Waste gases with low Sodium Dioxide A A
Waste gases with traces of Hydrogen Fluoride A A
Waste gases with traces of Nitrosyl Sulfuric Acid A A
Water A A A A
Water Acid Mine A
Water Deionized A
Water Distilled A
Water Glass A
Waxes A C
Wetting Agents A B
Whey A A
Whisky see Ethyl Alcohol
Whitener see Sodium Hypochlorite
Wine Vinegar see Vinegar
Wine, red and white A A A
Wohlstone Acid A A A
Wood Glue, type Polyvinyl Acetate B
Wood Stains A C
Wool Fat see Lanolin
See Xylol C U
Yeast A A A
Zinc Bromide A A
Zinc (II) Chloride A A A B
Zinc Carbonate A A A
Zinc Hydrate A A A
Zinc Oxide A A A
Zinc Salts A
Zinc Sludge A A
Zinc Stearate A A
Zinc Sulphate A A A

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