Pexgol pipe installation for the transport of cyanide water.

The Challenge

Equinox Gold, a Canadian mining company dedicated to gold extraction in different countries, required for its “Los Filos” mining unit to pump from the ADR plant a neutralized solution (cyaninated water) for evaporation through sprinklers. Previously, steel and HDPE pipes were used for this type of application.
The steel suffered from corrosion problems and the HDPE from crystallization, which generated problems in the thermofusions.

Pexgol Solution

It was decided to use Pexgol in sections of 12 meters with electrofusion connections. This way, possible corrosion problems were avoided and the costs of the project were reduced.
The installation was carried out by the same personnel working at the mine with training from the Pexgol technical team.


Equinox Gold
Mexico | 2022

Working Conditions:

Fluid: Neutralized Solution pH 10-12 — cyanide water
Flow: 1000m3/hr
Suction level: 1352 m3/hr
Discharge level: 1431/1432 m3/hr

Pexgol Pipes

Pexgol 400 mm (16”), class 10 & 15


Transport of cyanide water


1475 m / 4839 ft


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