Acid liquor line with high levels of abrasion and sedimentation

The Challenge

Moa Nickel used rubber lined steel pipes to transport acid liquor.

Between 3 and 6 months they required to stop the plant for more than 24 hours, due to sedimentation issues that the steel pipe presented, reducing it inside diameter 60% less.

Furthermore, the steel pipe suffered leaks due to lined releases. Since the first moment that the liquid touched the steel, in a matter of minutes it was causing a leak.

The Solution

Golan provided Pexgol pipes of 355 mm and 315 mm with mechanical joints, and it only required to stop the plant one year after of the installation.

During that time, and due to the high sedimentation levels, the inside diameter was reduced just 30% less. The repair lasted only 4 hours, and it was done by hammer blows, in order to remove the material that

was obstructing the pipe. At the end, the pipe was functioning without problems.

Pexgol, it not only achieved to raise the production, but also the maintenance expenses were reduced. For every hour that the plant stopped, it cost hundreds of dollars to the company.


Moa Nickel S.A. Sherritt
Cuba | 2014

Working conditions:

70°C – 3 Bars.

Pipes used:

Pexgol 355 mm & Pexgol 315 mm, Class 12.


Acid liquor transportation with nickel, iron, cobalt and NaOH particles.


150 m.


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