Water extraction from a middle pool to the exterior of the mine

The Challenge

The harsh environmental conditional where Codelco needed to install dewatering lines at the open cast mine, made the engineers opt for a change in their pipe material. They consider Pexgol as an option to decrease the repetitive failures they had with former materials.

The Solution

A 400 meters Pexgol pipe 160 mm Class 19 was provided, in one section without joints. The Pexgol pipe allowed a quick, reliable and easy installation on the harshest conditions of the open cast mine.


Codelco, Ministro Hales Division
Chile | 2016

Working conditions:

Extreme temperatures (-25° to 40°C).

Pipes used:

Pexgol 160 mm Class 19 (SDR 9).


Water extraction.


400 m.


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