Extraction of underground water through wells

The Challenge

Collahuasi Mine extracted process water through wells, they used a galvanized steel pipe. This pipe had several failures on its joints and demanded a long time installation process (around 3 days).

The client required a more flexible pipe, with longer working life than the steel, in order to keep the operations stable and minimized the stops in the plant for maintenance.

The Solution

A Pexgol pipe was installed in less than 3 hours, reducing 24 times the average installation time. Its weight was lighter than steel (70% less), so it involved less workers, less tolls, and less equipment to leave the well full operative. During the working life of the well, the Pexgol pipe didn’t require any sort of maintenance, and it was employed after in another application at the plant.


Doña Inés de Collahuasi SCM, Collahuasi Mine
Chile | 2010

Working conditions:

Extreme environmental temperatures (-25°C to 40°C).

Pipes used:

Pexgol 280 mm, Class 10.


Underground water extraction.


200 m.


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