Transport of acid water at high temperatures

The Challenge

Moa Nickel required to transport a big amount of overflow acid water from the sedimentation tanks to the slurry thickeners plant.

This overflow water substituted the reposition water that the slurry thickeners used.

The client debated regarding the use of a stainless steel pipe SS316L or thermoplastic flexible materials such as HDPE and polyethylene.

The Solution

At the end, Moa Nickel decided to use Pexgol pipes in long sections, instead of short ones of HDPE and polyethylene, as the best solution for the line, because this type of materials didn’t allow to work under the security standards in the allowable installation time.

The Pexgol pipe was installed in just 8 days with success. The fact that it didn’t require to create a sand bed and the high productivity for its installation in long sections, reduced to the half the installation time for this project. At the end, the client got 25% savings in comparison with the other possible materials.


Moa Nickel S.A. Sherritt
Cuba | 2010

Working conditions:

Up to 65°C, 13 bars.

Pipes used:

Pexgol 225 mm, Class 24 (SDR 7.3).


Transportation of acid water.


2500 m.


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