LASTA2 filter press feed lines

The Challenge

BHP used to transport concentrated copper, through a 6” rubber lined carbon steel (RLCS) and HDPE pipes that suffer from constant abrasion and corrosion.

From the maintenance point of view, repeating leaks were consuming too much time from the team, which could be allocated attending scheduled maintenance operations. So, they required a more resisting pipe material.

The Solution

Short sections of Pexgol pipe 180 mm, Class 15 with Pex-Lined Carbon Steel (PLCS) fittings were provided. The line installation took a day to layout and a day to assemble. The quick and secured flanged couplers allowed the team to work effectively in multiple locations of the line, without depending on a welding machine, or coordinating special safety zones. The line showed no leakage at start up.


BHP Billiton, Olympic Dam, Australia
Australia | 2014

Working conditions:

60°C, 9 bars.

Pipes used:

Pexgol 180, Class 15 / Pex-Lined Carbon Steel (PLCS) fittings.


Copper transportation.


Short sections.


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