Grey water transportation

The Challenge

Coeur Mexicana required to transport recovered water, but they wanted to conduct an installation in the minimum time possible that won’t require contractors, specialized personnel neither expensive equipment.

The Solution

The client decided to install Pexgol, due to it quick and easy installation, that if was carried out with steel or HDPE pipes, it would require 100 joints. But, since it was done with Pexgol pipes it only took 4 joints.

Furthermore, it was considered the security that Pexgol pipes offer, since it’s supplied in long length coils, which reduces leakages.

Pexgol’s team advised the client during the whole process from the design to the installation.


Coeur Mexicana S.A. de C.V. Palmarejo
Mexico | 2017

Working conditions:

74 psi, altitude dierence= 34 m, Au= 0.12 ppm, Ag= 0.18 ppm, Cu= 1.13 ppm, Fe= 0.73 ppm, Cn total= 1.5 ppm, Ca= 458 mg/dL, Ph= 8

Pipes used:

Pexgol SDR 15 225 x 20.4.


Water transportation.


1200 meters.


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