Transport of acid slurry at high temperatures

The Challenge

Moa Nickel required to transport highly abrasive liquid at high temperatures.

At the beginning they used fibre-reinforced plastic pipes, that later suffered damage caused by the abrasion. Furthermore, they used polypropylene pipes that didn’t work either, they couldn’t resist neither the abrasion nor the high temperatures.

The former pipes were short combined sections that required reinforced foundations and were very hard to install. The working periods were short because of the constant failures, furthermore, the maintenance cost was high as well.

The Solution

Once the client evaluated the operative conditions, they decided that Pexgol pipes were the best option, thanks to it abrasion resistance.

Additionally, special “U” pieces were developed for the client, made of steel with internal Pex lined.

After the installation, the Pexgol pipes operates perfectly till today, in excellent conditions and reducing head losses.


Moa Nickel S.A. Sherritt
Cuba | 2012

Working conditions:

Highly abrasive liquid at 80°C.

Pipes used:

Pexgol 335 mm, Class 10.


Discharge line.


350 m.


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