Water drainage from the inside of an underground mine

The Challenge

The water drainage from the inside of Meridian underground mine was processed through an HDPE 12 meter pipe that required 50 joints to be installed. The total installation time was 4 days, with no chance to minimize costs. Furthermore, the pump operated over it efficiency levels.

The Solution

A 600 meters Pexgol pipe 160 mm Class 15 was provided, in one section without joints. The Pexgol pipe was carried for 6 kilometers in 2 turns, which caused as a result 50% of time saved in the installation.

Due to the lower load losses, now the pump operates at its mayor efficiency level.


El Peñón Yamana Gold, Meridian Mine
Chile | 2016

Working conditions:

Extreme temperatures (-5° to 38°C).

Pipes used:

Pexgol 160 mm Class 15 (SDR 11).


Water drainage.


600 m.


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