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Pexgol Optimus is a new and superior pipe with high resistance to abrasion even exceeding Pexgol Technica capabilities. Unbeatable abrasion resistance versus other pipe materials such as HDPE and steel with improved wear resistance.

Pexgol Optimus material has been tested by Paterson and Cooke 2016 and is completing a test at the AITF (Canada).

Volume loss results for the medium slurry:
The volume loss measurements for the seven wear test specimen rom the medium slurry test are summarized in the following table.

Product Calculated from Mass Loss Method Dial Depth Gauge Average Ranking Relative to Mild Steel
Volume loss (cm3) Relative to mild steel Volume loss (cm3) Relative to mild steel
Pexgol Technica 0.13 0.23 0.08 0.25 0.24
Pexgol Optimus 0.07 0.12 0.02 0.07 0.09
Mild Steel 0.57 1.0 0.33 1.00 1.00
HDPE PE100 0.31 0.55 0.27 0.83 0.69
Red Rubber 0.18 0.31 * * 0.31
Blue Polyurethane * * 0.02 0.06 0.06

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