Installation of a fire supply network in a oil treatment plant.

The Challenge

YPF, Argentina’s national hydrocarbon exploration and production company, at its Oil Treatment Plant in the Vizcacheras area in Mendoza province, required a quick solution for the supply of water for its fire protection network.
This type of plant can never operate without having its fire network operational, and on this occasion it was necessary to change the source of the supply as quickly as possible, while still providing water supply and in the event of any emergency event. It was necessary to bury the pipe, crossing the foundations of the perimeter fence of the plant. The pipeline had to cross two sectors where light vehicles circulate and eventually large and weighing vehicles.

Pexgol Solution

It was proposed to install a coil of almost 200 m / 623 ft of Pexgol pipe, 225 mm diameter class 15, with flanged connections in the transitions corresponding to the impulsion pump and the ring of the fire network.
The installation was carried out using the minimum resources: an uncoiler and a hydro-crane, through which the maneuvers were carried out for uncoiling, deployment and connecting with three operators.
The depth of burial did not exceed 60 cm, without the need to encase the Pexgol pipe at road crossings. The task required two days of work, including the filling of the trench and the hydraulic test.
The same installation, carried out with carbon pipe, would have required 20 days using a welding equipment, at a cost of 3 times the installed value of the Pexgol 225 class 15 pipe.


Argentina | 2021

Working Conditions:

Flow rate: 1000 m3/h
Temperature: 20°C
Maximum pressure: 15 kg/cm2

Pexgol Pipes

Pexgol 225 mm (8”) Class 15


Fire network


190 m / 623 ft


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