Installation of Pexgol pipe in a formation water treatment plant.

The Challenge

YPF, Argentina’s national hydrocarbon exploration and production company, in its Formation Water Treatment Plant, for Secondary Injection in the La Ventana area, Vacas Muertas Oilfield, required an alternative solution to the replacement of a 25 m long pipe and 12”diameter. The formation water characteristics are high salt content (35 gr/l), with a high corrosive potential in carbon steel ducts, which require adequate internal coatings to avoid damage in less than a month of service.
Even with the proper protections, the high flow rate, and changes of direction, there is a great probability of damage in relatively short times, especially in areas close to welds.

Pexgol Solution

Together with the YPF Processing Plants department, it was proposed to carry out a test of the Pexgol pipes, as well as the electrofusion and flanged joints. The tests were carried out under the conditions and terms of a Test Protocol for 60 days. 12-inch steel pipe was replaced by 8-inch Pexgol pipe that will be subjected to the same conditions but with a higher flow velocity close to 6.5 m / s. Installation and commissioning took only two days: one for pre-assembly and the second day for installation. In contrast, the preparation, shipment and installation of the steel pipe would require a time close to two months. The cost of the Pexgol solution represents 25% of the 8-inch diameter steel pipe.


Argentina | 2020

Working Conditions:

Maximum flow: 700m3 / h
(400 m3 / h Normal)
Maximum speed: 6.4 m / s
(3.6m / s Normal)
Temperature: 60°C / 140°F
Maximum pressure: 5 kg / cm2
Normal pressure: 2 kg / cm2

Pexgol Pipes

Pexgol 225 mm (8”), Class 10


Formation salt water with traces of hydrocarbons


70 m


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Formation Water