Pexgol pipe installation for open pit mine drainage.

The Challenge

Lundin Mining, in its Candelaria Tierra Amarilla mining unit, required the installation of a high-pressure dewatering line from the lower level, passing through mine banks.
Due to time problems, the mining company needed to have a pipeline where its installation would not be invasive for the mining operation and continue working in the shortest period of time possible.

Pexgol Solution

After receiving advice from the local team (Crosspipe Systems) the client decided to install 3240 meters of Pexgol 315 mm class 32 pipe for their mine dewatering system. The project consisted of 5 pumping stations, with dropouts of up to 200 meters between banks, with twin lines of Pexgol 315 mm class 32.
EF couplers, metallic reinforcement and alignment clamps were used for the projection of joints in the dropouts.
Pexgol was selected for its long-length supply format, for its ability to be unhooked from the mine benches and the possibility of providing short installation times, which facilitated assembly and commissioning.


Lundin Mining
Chile | 2021

Working Conditions:

Flow: 720 m3/h

Pexgol Pipes

Pexgol 315 mm (12”), Class 32


Open pit mine dewatering


3240 m / 10629 ft


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