Installation of a borehole with pipe in sections for reduced space.

The Challenge

Mekorot, the national company in charge of water supply in Israel, among other activities, has installed and used Pexgol pipes for water wells for more than 30 years.
The wells were always installed using one of Pexgol’s great advantages, which is the possibility of supplying the pipes in coils of long lengths.
For this project in particular, the well had to be installed in a central area of the city and therefore there was not enough space to carry out the coil deployment. The pipe needed to transport treated effluent water.

Pexgol Solution

Together with the Engineering Department of Golan Plastic Products, low cost accessories were developed in order to be able to install the pipes in 12 meter lengths and thus occupy as little space as possible on public roads for installation.
The accessories consisted of a stainless steel “insert” and our Double Connector made of galvanized iron coated on the outside with anti-corrosive paint. Although long sections were not supplied, the fact of installing Pexgol pipe guarantees a long lifespan, which could not be achieved if it was done with conventional steel pipes.
The installation was a success and only took one working day, to make the connections the team did not require special tools or previous training.


Israel | 2020

Working Conditions:

Pressure: 10 bar

Pexgol Pipes

Pexgol 200 mm (6”), class 24


Borehole for treated effluent water


70 m


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