Vertical mobile Pexgol installation on the rocks for mine dewatering.

The Challenge

Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining needed to install mobile long sections of pipeline for mine dewatering. They requested that the pipe should have scratch resistance and can be installed on the rocks without any complicate preparations.
They used to work with steel pipes but they presented serious problems such as:
1. Corrosion
2. Difficult and expensive installation
3. Long disassembly and replacement time

Pexgol Solution

The client chose Pexgol pipes with 280 outside diameter, class 15 in coils of 120 meters each with mechanical couplers for a fast and efficient installation. During the installation a 60 ton Hitachi bulldozer and a Manitou telehandler were used for decoiling.
There were 3 separated lines of one piece of 120 meters each without any additional connectors. The only connection was a flange coupler with a pump outlet. Pipes were fixed on top and in the middle by fixpoint clamps as well.
The use of Pexgol pipe solutions allow the client to save costs (manpower and installation time).


Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining
Ukraine | 2019

Working Conditions:

Vertical installation, ground laying on hills.
Ambient temperature: -15°C to 4°C

Pexgol Pipes

Pexgol 280 mm (10”), Class 15


Mine Dewatering


360 m


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