Water extraction from deep wells (150 meters)

The Challenge

At Andacollo Mine, the process water was extracted from deep wells through a steel galvanized pipe. This pipes suffered repetitive failures on the joints and required a considerable long installation time. The client requested a pipe that could last longer, in order to minimize the stops at the plant for maintaining purposes.

The Solution

Golan provided 150 meters of Pexgol pipe 110 mm Class 24 (SDR 7.4) in one section. The pipe, once it was installed, managed to hold the weight of the pump, the cables and the water column, with no efforts.

For the pump maintenance, usually it requires to be extracted from the well. Thanks to Pexgol, Andacollo Mine managed to save time and money, due to the capacity to extract the pipe when is full of water, and there’s no need to do any drain.

Moreover, usually for a steel pipe it would have required more than 25 screwed joints, but with Pexgol it only took 2 (one to the pump and another one to the wellhead).


Andacollo Mine
Chile | 2015

Working conditions:

Extreme environmental temperatures (-5°C to 38°C).

Pipes used:

Pexgol 110 mm, Class 24 (SDR 7.4).


Water extraction.


150 m.


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