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For all Pexgol pipe classes, the minimum recommended depth of the trench is 60 cm, to prevent mechanical damage to the pipe. If the pipe is to be covered only to prevent solar heating, the designer may reduce this depth.

In cold areas the installation depth may be increased by the designer to prevent freezing of the transported fluids.

For the maximum allowed installation depth for each pipe class, please contact the application engineer.

If required, the width can be increased to allow more comfortable work in the trench. The minimum recommendation depth of the trench is 60 cm, to prevent mechanical damage of the pipe.

For a route change, for example a 90° angle, it is recommended to dig the trench with a suitable radius.

The following table shows the minimum required trench width for Pexgol pipes:

Outside pipe diameter Minimum trench width (mm)
90 250
110 250
125 265
140 280
160 300
180 350
200 400
225 400
280 450
315 550
355 650
450 750
500 850
630 1000

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