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Electrofusion fittings are used to connect Pexgol cross-linked polyethylene pipes (for example, ISO 14531). The pipes and fitting are joined by electrofusion welding, creating a leak-proof seal. During the electrofusion process, a current is transported through a heating wire. The surrounding material (around the wire) is melted, welding the pipe to the fitting.

Service temperature for the PE 100 electrofusion fittings is limited to 40°C. For higher temperatures Pex2Pex electrofusion couplers can be used.

Pexgol approves and supplies the following fittings systems and installation tools: Plasson, Friatec, GF/Wavin.



20 to 710mm

Branch saddles

63 to 710mm

Elbows 22.5″, 45″, 90″

20 to 250mm

Tees & Reducing tees

20 to 250mm

Reducing couplers

20 to 180mm

End cups

20 to 315mm

Flange adaptors

20 to 400mm

PP coated flanged backing ring

20 to 400mm

Transition couplers

20 to 110mm

Tapping saddles

40 to 250mm

Electrofusion contro boxes & Installation tools

Non-standard & custom-made items

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