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Textile industries demand a smart choice of pipes. Pexgol pipes provide an ideal solution for transporting compressed air throughout the factories. Piping selection directly affects the three key elements of every compressed air system: flow, pressure and air quality. Poor choices in pipe materials, diameter and layout cause flow restrictions, often resulting in significant pressure drop. Pressure drop is a main cause of increased energy consumption and under -performing tools and equipment.

Pexgol provides the perfect system for air lines in textiles: spinning, weaving, garments, knitting, processing, embroidery, engineering & commercial buildings.
Acid fluids are also a challenge in this industry: water with low pH, caprolactam acid, and other acid fluids are no problem for Pexgol systems. Over the last 40 years, Pexgol pipes have undergone tests and lab researches proving to be highly resistant to acidic conditions and even chemical attacks.


  • Low friction coefficient, providing the best possible laminar flow.
  • Effective fittings that minimize pressure drop for optimum flow and energy efficiency.
  • Fast & easy installation without supports.
  • Simple and easy to install mechanical connections.
  • Pexgol has flexibility and high strain resistance, makes it resistant to failure due to water hammer (x2.5 times the nominal pressure).

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