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Pexgol pressure pipes for boreholes were developed more than 30 years ago. Pexgol rising main pipes are flexible and are provided in diameters of up to 315 mm, designed and manufactured for a minimum lifetime of 50 years.

How Pexgol can help you reducing OPEX & CAPEX for:

  • Using Pexgol pipes results in a dramatic reduction of pumping costs. Special plastic discharge heads guarantee no corrosion and scale build-up.
  • Pipes in the system can be pulled out and retrieved for preventive maintenance (pump plus motor) as many times as required, without damage.
  • Pexgol long sections facilitate a faster installation and reduce fitting costs.

Advantages & Characteristics:

  • Installation is simple and quick-it takes only a few hours, reducing the use of manpower and heavy equipment.
  • Available in a single piece up to 300 m with electrofusion and mechanical connectors ensuring leakage-free use.
  • Supports total system weight: heavy pump, motor, water column, cables and its own weight.
  • Pexgol doesn’t require threaded connections.
  • 50 years operational lifetime.

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