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Working deep underground, mining for the precious natural resources of the Earth can present fierce challenges for workers even with the advancements of modern technology.
As mining grew and the demand for more consumable natural resources continued, improving ventilation to mining tunnels that expanded further into the earth became increasingly common. Large volumes of air became essential for working in spaces that stretched miles beneath the surface.

Characteristics & Advantages:

  • Long length coils.
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Fast & easy installation without supports.
  • Simple and easy to install mechanical connections.
  • Pexgol inherit flexibility and high strain resistance, makes it resistant to failure due to water hammer (x2.5 times the nominal pressure).

How Pexgol reduces OPEX & CAPEX for Compressed Air Transportation:

  • Less connections means less air leaks issues which lower costs.
  • More security when installing.

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